Why my life is stunning although I am not more special than anyone else...

My life is stunning although I am not more special than anyone else on the planet.

Stunning life above water

And so, I have to endure the insanity of the circus when I see other people and their ego. I am always amazed at the ambition of the egoists because their purpose is not necessarily to serve. They want to see themselves in the mirror looking beautiful and better than everyone else. And sometimes, they want to see themselves as king. That is totally ridiculous. There is so much wisdom in recognizing what the egoists are putting us through. They are always trying to keep you locked up in their egoistic desire to see themselves as better than everyone else.

You cannot free yourself from the illusion of the ego if you do not recognize the egoistic lies that the ego puts you through. And then you can overcome the ego with the power of love.

Love is above all

Love is above all

Love is an irresistible magnet that can overcome the ego and bring you over the ego and into loving harmony with everything on this planet. My life is beautiful and I am so happy because I am out of the circus. I am loving every minute of my life and I am happy. But I could not be happier because I am overcoming the problems that the egoistic self has put on my heart.

Whenever the ego puts obstacles in my path that are causing me to suffer, I overcome those obstacles with the power of love.

The ego is always trying to make you suffer.

I am doing so well because I am making my way through my spiritual path with the power of love.

I would not have overcome my sins or overcome my egoism if it were not for the power of love that the eternal gods have put in my heart. I do not allow myself to overcome my egoism. I keep on loving myself and moving forward as I overcome the obstacles of the ego.

Joy and happiness

Joy and Happiness laughing girls

My life is filled with joy and happiness and I am totally free because the power of love keeps me happy. There is a great truth in this description of my life because I am free from the power of the egoists and I do not allow them to beat me up. But the egoistic gods are still able to humiliate and beat me up. The goal for me is to overcome the ego, not to make the egoic gods proud.

I am happy because I have overcome all of my problems with the power of love. My problems are overcome by the power of love and I overcome them with love. I have overcome all of my problems because love is what enables me to overcome them. And my attitude of love has helped me overcome all of my enemies with the power of love.

The egoistic gods

the egoistic gods

The egoistic gods cannot overcome the power of love because they are not happy. They will never overcome their ego with love. Their only goal is to make you miserable. I am happy because love makes me overcome all of my problems with the power of love. So I have overcome all of my enemies and I am happy. My enemies are not happy because they cannot overcome their problems. All of their problems are caused by the ego. The ego is a miserable tyrant that only despises their own weakness.

If the egoists are truly happy, then they are also defeated.

But they are the ones who impose their misery upon me. I do not cause my own problems and in fact, I do not have any problems at all because I am happily escaping from the tyranny of the ego.

Happy egoists

The egoists are happy because their lives are filled with all sorts of obstacles that they put on their minds and that they want to overcome. Those obstacles make the egoistic gods happy because it motivates them to torment their enemies. It gives them more power over you.

The ego is a king

The ego is king

The ego is a king that is really happy because it is enjoying its power over the mind. The egoist king sees himself as the supreme ruler. He wants to control everything on this planet. He wants to help the other kings around the planet like him and get them to do the same thing. So the ego likes to set up obstacles for others to overcome. In order to get them to do this, the ego makes them suffer with greed and pride.

Ego and Love

When the ego is involved in love, it wants to steal love from others. In order to steal love from others, the ego gets you to blame others for stealing from you.

For the egoistic gods, it is a great joy to have you suffer.

I love this quote because I really understand it.

You can overcome the ego

Overcome the ego

You have to be willing to go through all of your faults with the power of love. You have to overcome them with love. The ego wants to make you suffer by putting obstacles in your way. The ego is happy because it gets you out of its way. But I have no problems.

I am happy because love has helped me overcome all of my faults.

You can overcome the ego.

The power of love will overcome the power of egoism.

The only obstacles are those in your own mind that are caused by the ego. The ego's power is in your mind.

Love is the power that can overcome the ego.