The real reasons we live in constant fear of loosing ... but not in a constant state of love...

living in constant fear

The real reasons we live in constant fear of loosing ... but not in a constant state of love and happiness... we fear losing our loved ones, our job, our status, our home, our possessions,.. and we do this constantly...

Where is our strength to believe in ourselves?

Why do we not live in a state of love?

Happiness is a state in which we do not dwell too long because of the fears that destroy our happy state of being... so what we really need to do is simply to not dwell on the fears and hopes and dreams we have.

In the area of sex the foundation of love should be freedom of choice and equal opportunities. Although the sexual drive is one of the most powerful instincts, it should not be used as an excuse to abuse or exploit one another.

We do not have to spend all our time and energy trying to get closer to the person we like. The love, compassion, feelings, and intimacy that is brought up naturally by love and good communication, can and should be used in daily, day-to-day living. How can we learn and grow if we do not develop these tools?

being faithful

After having the experience of moving from being unfaithful to being faithful, I can only say:


God has given you the greatest weapon against your own destiny:


You do not need to do anything to be happy.

happiness is for free

If we are truly happy we would all be self-sufficient! That's all... everything is already happening! You just need to recognize what you are dealing with, accept it and move on.You only need to be aware of your surroundings.

It does not matter if you have never walked a mile in another person's shoes before. You should not waste any more time of your life not even noticing something that you are born to experience!

Now, even the most frightening of all the things I am about to mention, God made a way of making them possible. Even if you are in the heart of despair, put your shoes on and see if you can come out.

We must take the time to control our bodies.

controling our bodies

With all the chemical advances, physical training, and the great focus on sport, we think it is useless to have self-control of our bodies. Yes, these things have their place, but that place is not when we are drunk, out of control, or intoxicated with the "things" we love.

It is useless to use sport as a form of escapism. It is useless to spend hours working out and depriving yourself of sleep. You must remember that what you build and what you create should be the reflection of you, not the other way around!

And finally, we must take responsibility for our lives!

responsibility for our lives

A life in which is freedom is totally unlimited does not exist. Sure, you can eat what you want, and no one is going to punish you. You can party all night and still go to work the next day. But if you work hard, you get rewarded.

If you take the time to study, you get rewarded.

If you choose to be a good husband, you will be rewarded. If you choose to be a good father, you will be rewarded.

We are in a time that no one can take away our power to choose our own paths.

Do not complain

Do not complain

Do not do stupid things, because no one can ever take that away. Do not let anyone bully you into being someone you are not. In life we must never forget that God will never take away our freedom.

Being a Christian is not an excuse to do as you please! We must learn to appreciate the gifts we have and make them work for us. We must stop worrying about other people and accept the gifts that they have to offer.

Do not sit around and expect life to find you! Live to be strong, live to make other people's lives better, and live to be your own person!

Because it will be an awesome life!